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News  »  Monkhill Chapel newsletter 8th May 2021

   Monkhill Chapel newsletter 8th May 2021    8 May, 2021
Good evening all,
Firstly some news from The North Cumbria Methodist Circuit;
"We are pleased to be able to announce that from 1st September 2021 (subject to Conference) Rev Tokunbo Asogbon will join our staff team. He will be based in the Borders Hub (the old Brampton Section).
This is a standard appointment for 5 years. Tokunbo was ordained in 2018 in The Methodist Church of Nigeria. He joins us through the Ministers of other Churches and Conferences scheme.
Tokunbo met with our Circuit Leadership Team, Circuit Staff, members of Brampton, Gilsland, Longtown and Wetheral churches as well as our Circuit Invitation Committee last Thursday and we are all fully supportive of this appointment. Tokunbo moved to the UK in 2018 and will join us with his wife Olubukola and their two sons Oluwalose (aged 4) and Oluwalana (aged 2).
We give thanks to God and are grateful to the Connexional Stationing Action Group for this appointment and we are looking forward to them joining with us in due course."
(Please note that Tokunbo and family will replace Rev Rachel Williams and family in September as they move on to pastures new!)
As mentioned last week, Christian Aid week is from 10-16 May. If you are able, please donate to this worthwhile cause either on-line or through the envelope system (envelopes available from Lynne or Kathleen and can be delivered to you).
Next Thursday sees the launch of this year's Thy Kingdom Come.
It runs from 13 to 23 May and represents a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray for more people to come to know Jesus.
It's the sixth year for TKC, having started as an invitation from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to the Church of England, which has grown into an international and ecumenical call to prayer
Noel Robinson, Andy Flannagan, Lou Fellingham, and Donna Akodu have released a new hymn, 'We Seek Your Kingdom' (printed below) with a call to Christians to be active in every part of society.
The song is set to the tune of the classic hymn 'Abide With Me' and is accompanied by a music video commissioned by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity(LICC) and the Thy Kingdom Come prayer movement. 
The video which can be seen on YouTube features the artists singing on the streets of their communities, and ordinary Christians making a difference for God in their workplaces and spheres of influence.
It's also a prayer for each of us to say over our daily lives.
Speaking about why the song is urgent for our times, Flannagan said the recurring prayer to "transform, revive and heal society" was so necessary as we emerge from this pandemic. Our hope is that people would be inspired to pray all the more for those who lead in our country, but also that many may be ready to be the answer to their own prayers and serve in the public square.

This is a song of action as well as contemplation. It spurs us to ask what part we can play in making our bit of God's world more like Heaven. And it's a song for everyone. It reflects the fact that God works through us on all our frontlines – in offices, hospitals, nurseries, food vans, banks, living rooms, and beyond.

 We chose to set the words to the much-loved tune of 'Abide With Me' for exactly that reason – because it's a melody that resonates beyond the church, that everyone can join in with, whatever sphere of life they're in.

We seek your kingdom throughout every sphere

We long for heavens demonstration here
Jesus your light shine bright for all to see
Transform, revive and heal society

Before all things, in him were all things made
Inspiring media, culture and trade
May all our work serve your economy
Transform, revive and heal society

Peace, truth and justice reigning everywhere
With us be present in our public square
Fill all who lead with your integrity
Transform, revive and heal society
Forgive us Lord, when we have not engaged
Failing to scribe your heart on history’s page
Make us again what we were made to be
Transform, revive and heal society
Faithful to govern ever may we be
Selfless in service, loving constantly
In everything may your authority
Transform, revive and heal society
Finally a prayer given out by Revd Beverley Lock from Ambleside during last Sunday morning's broadcast on Radio Cumbria, also reflecting the words above:
Lord, Help us to be the embodiment of You in those around us.
God Bless and stay safe and well,
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