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   Monkhill Chapel newsletter 24th April 2021    24 April, 2021
Good evening all,
Hope everything is well with you and you are enjoying our partial return to "normality" in this lovely weather AND you are feeling more normal perhaps due to a long overdue haircut!
Some of you will already have had your second Covid jabs while others will be imminent or, like Donald and I, hopefully within the next few weeks and that's another milestone in our journey out of Coronavirus.
We must remember to pray for those who are now finding it difficult to face life as it was and are fearful of the days ahead. Also pray for those countries who are experiencing grave situations in the battle against Covid especially India at this present time.
I was surprised to hear this week that Bishop Emma Ineson from Penrith is moving on. She has been appointed Bishop to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York and will be based at Lambeth Palace in London. Bishop Emma was instrumental in The Ecumenical God For All vision that we follow daily, care deeply, speak boldly and tread gently:-
The God for All vision is that we seek to follow daily Jesus Christ, to listen to and care deeply for our neighbours and communities, to speak boldly through words and actions of the love that God has for all, and to tread gently on God's earth through concern and action for the climate and environment.
I always thought this fitted in so well with Our Calling as members of the Methodist Church. Our Calling, as printed on our membership cards, or as found on The Methodist Church website, is in four parts; worship, learning and caring, service, and evangelism. Have a look to remind yourself of what it says.
That's all for this week folks.
Stay safe and well.
Hands, face, space, grace and fresh air
and God bless.
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