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   Monkhill Chapel newsletter 24th October 2020    24 October, 2020
Good evening everyone,
Sorry to have missed sending out a newsletter last week but I was incapacitated and really couldn't manage it (t'is the only week I have missed though!) but I'm fully recovered now and hope you are all well too.
David Newlove handed me our 2020/21 Membership Cards (for Chapel members) after the Church Council meeting on 14 October. I will distribute them tomorrow. They remind us of what we are called to do in membership of the Methodist Church, commonly known as "our calling". The small card, which folds into three, can stand up on a desk or table, where it can be seen and constantly remind us. The front cover has the words "The Best of All is, God is with Us". The new President, Revd Richard Teal, and Vice-President of the Methodist Conference have taken this theme, and John Wesley’s final words, as their inspiration for this year. Perhaps whenever you feel low during these often sad times, you can look at your membership card displaying these words for inspiration and remember that indeed God is with us throughout.
I attach a snippet from the North Cumbria Methodist Circuit Facebook page: a useful exercise to develop our prayer life which, for people that find praying hard, brings it right down to earth and simplifies things. Also great to use with children as well as us "big kids"!
Well that's all for now, hope to see you in the morning. Mary Pattinson is leading our short service tomorrow. The service will be followed by refreshments provided by The Drovers as usual.
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