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   Monkhill Chapel weekly newsletter 823rd August 2020     22 August, 2020
Hi everyone,
Hope you are keeping safe and well this week.
You'll no doubt have noticed that we are back to our usual "summer weather" for August; such a shame as it'll be turning autumnal before long. It's as if summer weather just runs out and, even though September and October can be nice, it's not the same as the days are shorter. However I know a lot of people really like Autumn so I'll say no more except that it probably isn't too suprising that some people are unadvisedly risking trips abroad to sunnier climes and being caught out!
I've nothing much to report this week but thought I would share with you a very interesting and thought provoking article in my mum's daily paper this week entitled "Church must get stuck into politics just like Jesus did". Now just like different people prefer different seasons, I'm sure there will be a wide variety of opinions about this article. If you haven't seen it, just google -
"Church must get stuck into politics just like Jesus did George Pitcher Daily Express" . If you read it, then scroll down, I think there are differing opinions underneath.  I thought it a good read.
Well 'till next week, (and remember the week after, Sunday, 6th September, we'll be able to meet at Chapel again)
God Bless,
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