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   Monkhill Chapel News Saturday 18th July    18 July, 2020
Hello everyone,
Hope you are well and are feeling able to slowly allow yourselves more freedoms.
I was in the City Centre one day last week for a long awaited haircut and visited 1 or 2 shops in English Street as well; it was all very strange. I would like to say I enjoyed it but actually I was relieved to get home. Perhaps it will feel better next time although probably next time I will be "masked up" as well!  Nevermind, it's all progress.
I attach a letter for your information from our Minister David who is just back from his sabbatical.
If you are able, go onto the North Cumbria Methodist Circuit Facebook page and watch the fun video from Dublin City Community Church "What will worship look like under current restrictions". Last week I asked everyone to think about how we want Church to be in future as it may not return to what it was - this video helps to bring the practicalities of opening our Church to reality and is quite thought provoking.
While in Circuit Facebook, look at the fun pictures of the dog doing a ZOOM meeting Audio only and also ZOOM with Video- hilarious but so true!
Finally, hope if this weather continues to improve, we can arrange an outside meeting of Chapel folk in the very near future. Really looking forward to it.
Best wishes to you all,
Circuit Update                                                                       16th July 2020
Dear All
After a 3 month sabbatical I have returned to my desk and Circuit duties. It has been a rewarding and refreshing time. Circuit life can be all consuming for those in ministry and to be renewed and re-envisioned we need sometimes to step away from the familiar cycle that we may see and hear afresh. I guess this is what is happening to us all as we wait during these restrictions. I hope that for you it is more a time of Advent waiting than Lentern lament. The best of all is that God is with us - as Rev Richard Teal reminded us in his Presidential address to Conference. This being the case, how should we be and how do we do what we need to be doing in light of the hope of Christ whilst abiding by the continuing restrictions? You have of course been working this out in practice whilst I have been on sabbatical and I am just learning of some of the exciting and innovative things that you have put in place. It’s great to hear. The Circuit Leadership Team (CLT) continue to meet online (we are so grateful for the internet and zoom). We will be meeting on Tuesday afternoon in preparation for our Circuit Meeting next Thursday evening at 7:30pm (23rd July). I am preparing the agenda for that meeting and it will be good to reflect more on how we live and respond during this pandemic as well as seek to discern when and what the new normal will be. In the meantime we will continue with our zoom Sunday services. Please do join in with us. I know it is strange but as I have found during my sabbatical God does speak to us through this medium and we can worship together. We are looking at how we develop what we do including bringing into our zoom church prayer, Bible study and fellowship groups. Sunday 26th will be a special service as we reflect on Sarah and Mel’s ministries amongst us and bless them as they prepare to move to their new appointments in August. CLT will continue to monitor the restrictions and guidance and will advise when we can return to our buildings. It is possible in some settings but the limitations mean that it is not the position for us all just yet. We will keep you informed. It is great to be back with you, many thanks for all that you are doing, it is appreciated.
God bless David Newlove
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