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   Monkhill Chapel News Saturday 20 June    20 June, 2020
Good evening all,
Sorry that I am late in the day with this today.
Hope you are all well.
Just to let you all know, that don't already, that our Judith has had a nasty fall during the week sustaining injuries that needed treated in A & E.
So pleased that she has Mike to keep her company and look after her. Please remember her in your prayers that she improves back to full health soon.
Was interested to read this on the Circuit Facebook page. You may already have seen it:-
The Church is empty (cartoon image of empty Church)
This is because everyone is busy
Various cartoon images depicting following)
Helping at the foodbank    Delivering prescriptions    Creating on-line worship    Running the debt advice centre
This is a new cartoon - The Church is empty (2020 version)  Now on CartoonChurch.com at https://cartoonchurch.com/content/cc/church-is-empty-20/
And we thought in our previous lives that what really mattered was going to Church and having full pews!
A women in my mum's daily paper has written an article every day during lockdown and in her final one yesterday, she commented that she, like many others,
has quite liked this period of peace, quiet, reflection, time for herself and family/loved one/s--- and doesn't cherish the thought of a return to "normality"
Worth a pause for thought. What does this say about what is important in our lives and in our Church lives. Surely a topic for discussion at another time.
Keep safe and well,
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