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   Corona virus latest advice    1 May, 2020

Information on the latest regarding the Covid pandemic.

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   Corona virus - other health conditions    3 April, 2020

People who experience new symptoms and are managing long term conditions are being reminded to seek medical advice if they need it. 

In particular those who experience life threatening symptoms, such as chest pain or the signs of a stroke, should still call 999 or go to A+E.

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   Covid -19 Cumbria County Council support    1 April, 2020

Details of the support network relating to those who are self-isolating due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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   New Emergency Support Line For Vulnerable People    30 March, 2020

Today (Monday 30 March) Cumbria County Council and partners have launched a new emergency support service for people at high risk of becoming seriously ill, as a result of COVID-19, and who do not have support available from friends, family or neighbours.

Those at high risk include people over 70 years old, pregnant women and those with underlying health conditions who should be protecting themselves by staying at home. The majority of these people will already be receiving support from family, friends or local voluntary groups with tasks like shopping or collection of medicines if they require it. But we know that a small number of people will not have this support. If they have no alternative, these people will now be able to call the Freephone number to request help with getting food, medicines, essential supplies and home deliveries.

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   Cumbria Covid-19 Response Fund.    30 March, 2020

The Fund offers local charitable and community organisations funding to support emerging challenges faced within local communities as a result of the continuing threat of coronavirus.

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   Drivers Targeted With Fake Fines    3 July, 2019

Action Fraud have received an increase in reports and intelligence where elderly victims are being targeted by individuals purporting to be police officers or traffic wardens. The victims are being approached whilst parked in a car park and are told by the suspect that they have parked illegally or broken a speed limit and a photo has been taken of their car for ‘evidence’.

Victims are advised that they will face a substantial penalty fine unless they pay a smaller upfront fee immediately. Victims, who opt for paying the smaller penalty, will be directed to a parking meter and asked to enter their card and PIN. These parking meters have been tampered with by the suspect in order to retain the card.

Once the victim inserts their card and are asked for their PIN, the victims are shoulder surfed for their PIN by the suspect. Once victims input their PIN, the card is retained by the machine and victims are told by the suspect to seek help from the company who operates the parking meter or their bank.

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   HMRC Fraud    8 June, 2019
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   How to stay safe and protected from scam calls    7 March, 2019

Stay safe from scam telephone calls.

If something doesn't seem right, you can still in control.Make sure not to give out any personal details and hang up the phone.

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   Mobile Police Desk in the Area    4 March, 2019

The Mobile Police Desk will once again be touring, what we refer to as the City West Rural patch, again in early March. Some lessons have been learned from the November trial and we have tweaked things accordingly. The Pod will be in place during daylight hours this time and we will be in each location for one hour. The visiting times are as follows:

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   Beaumont Parish Plan    11 January, 2019

In 2012 a group of parishioners and Parish Councillors asked you what was important to you about Beaumont Parish: what we needed to preserve, what problems we needed to tackle, what we needed to develop and, above all, how to maintain the distinctive character of the place in which we live. This led to the development of The Beaumont Parish Plan 2013-2018.

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   HM Revenue and Customs Alert    7 January, 2019

What you need to know
Action Fraud has experienced an increase in the reporting of malicious calls, voicemails, text messages or emails to members of the public purporting to be from HMRC.

The fraudsters state that as a result of their non-payment of tax or other duty, the victim is liable to prosecution or other legal proceedings such as repossession of belongings to settle the balance but can avoid this by arranging for payment to be made immediately by method such as bank transfer or by iTunes gift cards.

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   Bonfire Night at Beaumont Parish Hall    6 November, 2018

A good night was had at this year's Bonfire Night Celebrations at Beaumont Parish Hall.

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   Cyber password extortion scam    31 October, 2018

Cyber criminals send victims their own passwords in extortion scam

Cyber criminals are attempting to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to have used the victims' password. 

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   Get Sweeping for Chimney Fire Safety Week    6 September, 2018

Chimney fires in England accounted for over 4,200 incidents dealt with by fire and rescue services between April 2016 and March 2017. This year’s Chimney Fire Safety Week (3 – 9 September), part of the national fire safety campaign, calls for homeowners to clean up their act and get their chimneys swept by an approved sweep to prevent chimney damage, and, in worse cases, household fires.

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   Recruiting for Cumbria Police Strategic Independent Advisory Group    5 September, 2018

Cumbria Police are looking to recruit more members to its existing Strategic Independent Advisory Group.


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   Cumbria Public Consultation Survey 2018    5 September, 2018

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), and Cumbria Constabulary have launched their joint annual public consultation survey.  This gives people across the county the opportunity to let us know what is important to them and to help us improve the services we provide.

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   New Political Map of Carlisle    1 August, 2018
Have your say on a new political map of Carlsile. The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking people across Carlisle to comment on its draft proposals for new council ward boundaries. 


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   Watch out for these fake LinkedIn emails    25 July, 2018

We’ve received multiple reports about these fake LinkedIn emails. They claim that your LinkedIn profile has appeared in multiple searches and provide links you can click on to get more details. These links lead to malicious websites designed to steal your personal and financial details.

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   Rise In Fake Amazon Emails    21 July, 2018

These fake emails are after your Amazon login details!

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   Fire Service Personnel Impersonators    20 July, 2018

It has been brought to our attention,Cumbria Fire & Rescue, that there’s been a recent incident in the Alston area where 3 individuals impersonated Fire Service personnel wearing a fake uniform and asking a member of the public to answer a questionnaire on their doorstep.

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   Cumbria Wildfires    18 July, 2018

The majority of wildfires are the result of human carelessness. Causes include arson, campfires, barbecues, discarding lit cigarettes, not burning debris properly and playing with matches or fireworks. Please take extra care during these periods of dry weather.

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   Fake Argos Texts    9 July, 2018
Watch out for these fake Argos texts offering refunds

These fake text messages purport to be from Argos and claim that you’re owed a refund. The link in the messages lead to phishing websites designed to steal your personal information, as well as payment details.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.


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   Follow Up Calls Computer Software Service Fraud    22 June, 2018

There is concern that victims of previous Computer Software Service Fraud (CSSF) are being re-targeted for “owed money”. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) reports that CSSF scammers are returning to contact previous victims, requesting that they pay money owed for a fake malware protection service they had provided. Alternatively, the fraudster will ask for a new subscription fee in return for protection from a new threat. The victims that have made payments to the fraudsters have done so via credit/debit card payments. In some instances threatening and aggressive language has been used against victims, as part of the attempt to coerce them into sending money.

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   New Ways To Protect You This National Neighbourhood Watch Week 2018    17 June, 2018

It’s National Neighbourhood Watch Week 2018 (NNWW18) and we’ve got some exciting news to share with you!


This year to mark NNWW18 we’ve created a fantastic, brand new section of our popular website to share new and important information on keeping you and your neighbours safe. Because crime is changing and we want to do our bit to make all communities safer and stronger across England and Wales .

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   Courier Fraud    17 June, 2018

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has identified an increasing number of reports submitted to Action Fraud from the public concerning courier fraud. 

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   Beaumont Parish Council Accounts 2017-2018    11 June, 2018

The Beaumont Parish Council Accounts for 2017 - 2018 are now available to be viewed.

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   Set up camp safely.    7 June, 2018

As part of the national fire safety campaign, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) is asking the people of Cumbria to stay safe this summer as they make the most of the weather and enjoy the great outdoors - whether camping, cooking or exploring.

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Now that the warm, light evenings are with us and the summer holidays are fast approaching, barbecues are beginning to sizzle across Cumbria. But behind the bangers and burgers, summer fun has a serious side. Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service, as part of the national fire safety campaign, is asking everyone to take extra care when cooking al fresco, especially when lighting barbecues or dealing with bad weather.

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   Burglary Alert: Are You Taking Steps To Secure Your Home?    31 May, 2018

Officers are appealing for witnesses and warning people to take measures to secure their homes following a burglary in the Longlands Road area of Carlisle.

The burglary took place at some point between 24 May and 29 May, with items taken including cash and jewellery.

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   Avoiding Fire Afloat     29 May, 2018
As part of the national fire safety campaign, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service is reminding sailing enthusiasts in Cumbria to take care when out on the waves and waterways this summer.
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   TSB Phishing Attacks    27 May, 2018

There has been a sharp rise in fraudsters sending out fake text messages (smishing) and phishing emails claiming to be from TSB. The increase in the number of reports corresponds with the timing of TSB’s computer system update, which resulted in 1.9 million users being locked out of their accounts. Opportunistic fraudsters are using TSB’s system issue to target people with this type of fraud.

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   Beaumont Parish Hall Wildlife Garden - Latest News    15 May, 2018

Following the delays to this project last year, caused by our very wet weather, this year we have now made a successful start by completing the preparation and planting of the site on the old lawn tennis courts.

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   A spring clean could save your life!    15 May, 2018

Summer may be on the way, but there’s still time to squeeze in a final spring clean! 

As part of a national fire safety campaign, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) is urging people to clear the clutter that may be blocking escape routes and to make sure their family, guests and loved ones know how to get out, stay out, and call 999 in the event of a fire.

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   Notice Thurstonfield Women's Fellowship    7 May, 2018

After 34 years of continuous worship, the women's fellowship has come to a natural close with the last meeting in May 2018.

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   Fraudsters are offering discounts on Television service provider subscriptions.    2 May, 2018

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have noticed an increase in Action Fraud reports where fraudsters are offering a discount on Television service provider subscriptions. Fraudsters are cold-calling victims, purporting to be from a Television (TV) provider offering a discount on their monthly subscription. Victims have been told the following: their subscription needs to be renewed; that part or all, of the TV equipment has expired and they are due an upgrade on the equipment/subscription. In order to falsely process the discount, the fraudster asks victims to confirm or provide their bank account details. The scammers may also request the victim’s identification documents, such as scanned copies of passports.

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   What you need to know about phishing    27 April, 2018

What is phishing?

Fraudulently sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to trick individuals into revealing personal information, such as passwords and financial information. Phishing can also be carried out over text messages (smishing) and phone calls (vishing).


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   Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service supporting "Be Water Aware" campaign    24 April, 2018

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service is supporting the National Fire Chiefs Council's (NFCC's) drowning prevention and water safety campaign 'Be Water Aware' which runs from 23 - 29 Aprilinjuries in water related incidents.


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   FIFA World Cup 2018 Ticket Alert    21 April, 2018

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place from 14th June – 15th July 2018.  The worldwide demand for match tickets is expected to be significant. Action Fraud have been alerted to several websites which are offering World Cup Tickets for sale, some at highly inflated prices.


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   Cold calling scammers - beware    16 April, 2018

Unfortunately, Cumbria, like the rest of the country, continues to be targeted by telephone scammers.
These scammers tell victims that they owe money – whether that be in tax, parking offences, or some other form of debt, and often give a deadline to meet for payment.
Some have told their victims that they can pay using iTunes vouchers, which can be bought from local supermarkets. There have been 21 reports of this type of incident in the last 12 months (01/03/2017 to 28/02/2017).

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   Fraudulent cryptocurrency investment websites     14 April, 2018

Fraudulent websites alleging to offer cryptocurrency investments are dishonestly using the image of Martin Lewis, the founder and editor for moneysavingexpert.com, as an endorsement for their companies.

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   Magazine Advertisement Debt Collection Scam    7 April, 2018

Victims receive a telephone call from someone purporting to be a bailiff enforcing a court judgement, attempting to recover funds for a non-existent debt. The fraudsters state the debt originates from the victim not paying a magazine advertisement subscription.  

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   PRESS TO TEST. MONTHLY IS BEST. Cumbria Fire & Rescue campaign    12 March, 2018

As part of the national advertising campaign, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service is encouraging people in Cumbria to test the smoke alarms in their home (and those vulnerable friends/relatives), and if not yet done, purchase and install smoke alarms at every level of the home. 

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   Thieves targeting HGVs for loads and fuel    9 March, 2018

Cumbria Police is asking HGV drivers to be vigilant of thieves stealing loads and fuel from parked vehicles, particularly when parked in laybys on the A66.

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   Warning Thieves targeting vehicles in Cumbria    8 March, 2018

Officers in West and North Cumbria are urging owners of quad bikes and people with power tools to take steps to secure their property following a number of theft offences recently.

People are being urged not to leave power tools in vans and other vehicles overnight.

The warning follows a number of such incidents have been reported in recent days:

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   Grinsdale Church and Churchyard    1 March, 2018

The latest news of the sale of St Kentigern's Church in Grinsdale together with the older part of the Churchyard and land down to the river side.

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   Flight Ticket Fraud    7 February, 2018

Fraudsters are attempting to entice victims who are looking for cheap flights abroad.

Victims have reported booking tickets via websites or a “popular” ticket broker, only to discover that after payment via bank transfer or electronic wire transfer, the tickets/booking references received are counterfeit. In some cases, all communications between the company or broker and the victim have been severed.

Fraudsters are targeting individuals who are seeking to travel to African nations and the Middle East, particularly those wishing to travel in time for popular public and religious holidays.

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   Warning: Thieves steal car whilst it is being defrosted    7 February, 2018

A car parked in Townhead Road, Dalston, was stolen this morning (7th Feb). The driver started the engine and then left the car to defrost. When they returned it had been stolen.

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   St Cuthbert Garden Village and Carlisle Southern Link Road    31 January, 2018

Local residents, businesses and organisations are being asked to have their say on proposals to create a new Garden Village on the south side of Carlisle, and the associated development of a new southern link road. The public consultations have been launched by the City and County Councils today (Friday 26 January) and will close on Friday 9 March 2018.

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   Take Five To Stop Fraud Week     26 January, 2018

Take Five To Stop Fraud Week is part of the national campaign from Financial Fraud Action UK and the Government, backed by the banking industry coming together to tackle fraud. 

The advice being issued this week is really simple but it can stop you becoming a victim of fraud. 

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   Poppy Appeal 2017    21 January, 2018

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to the poppy appeal.

£80.32 was collected. Rona Saleld

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   Resurfacing work between the Bypass and Monkhill    20 January, 2018

Resurfacing of the road between the North West Carlisle Bypass and Monkhill are scheudled to start in mid February. The works are due to start on 19th February 2018 for a total duration of approximately 4 weeks excluding weekends.

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   Cumbria Fire & Rescue: Register my appliance Day    16 January, 2018

People are reminded to improve their home safety by taking the simple step of registering their fridges, freezers and washing machines on the new streamlined version of www.registermyappliance.org.uk.

Developed by the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA), the portal now optimised for smartphone makes registration of over 60 leading brands of old and new appliances faster and easier via mobile, tablet or PC. 

As part of the national fire safety campaign, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Services, is keen to ensure that every UK household is encouraged to take this very simple step, and made aware of how it can help to protect their homes and families.

Many brands are running prize draws to encourage owners to look around their kitchens and register their older appliances too.  Every registration increases the chances of winning a luxury prize and ensures the traceability of these products. Most makes accept registration of large appliances up to 12 years old.

For manufacturers and fire and rescue services increasing home safety has never been more important.  With an estimated 93 million (92.7m.) wet and cold appliances  currently in use in our homes, keeping track of our fridges, freezers and washing machines is a crucial safety precaution. By taking just a few minutes to register domestic appliances directly with the manufacturer, via the user-friendly portal www.registermyappliance.org.uk, householders can be contacted quickly if a recall or free safety repair is ever needed.

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   HMRC Scam    22 December, 2017

Police are continuing to receive calls from members of the public regarding a scam which attempts to gain money. The scam relates to a member of the public receiving a call from someone purporting to be from HMRC, stating that they had an outstanding tax bill.

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   Increase in rural crime    18 December, 2017

We have seen an increase in Rural theft recently, with a Landrover Defender being stolen, sheep hurdles, a Digger, and 2 trailers, we have also had a report of males wearing dark clothing in a Farmyard looking around.

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   Fake Government Grants Fraud Alert    14 December, 2017

Individuals and businesses are being warned to watch out for cold calls and online contact from fraudsters who are offering victims the opportunity to apply for Government grants for an advance fee.

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   Thieves target Farm Buildings     14 December, 2017

Several farm buildings in Grinsdale, Kirkandrews, Beaumont and Burgh were targeted by a gang of thieves during the early morning of 14th December.

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   Do not Let Fire Ruin Festive Cheer this Christmas    12 December, 2017

Christmas dinner, wrapping presents, decorating your home – there’s lots to think about this Christmas. But one thing Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service and the Fire Kills campaign are urging Cumbrian residents to put top of their Christmas lists this year is fire safety.


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   National Road Safety Week     23 November, 2017

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) is supporting the National Road Safety Week alongside other emergency services throughout the country.


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   FREE cyber awareness training    16 November, 2017

Cyber awareness training is being provided through your local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 in the Council Chamber at Eden District Town Hall, Penrith, CA11 7QF. The session will run between 09:30 & 12:00 noon.

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   Coffee morning for Neuroendocrine Cancer     12 November, 2017

The coffee morning for Neuroendocrine Cancer raised £510.00.I would like to thank everyone who supported this cause either with donations,on the day or before together with all who helped in any way.I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness shown. Ann Thomlinson

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   Job seekers employment scam - BEWARE!    11 November, 2017

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified a number of reports where job seekers are being targeted by fraudsters trying to obtain personal and banking details from them, or requesting money to secure accommodation.


Individuals registering with job seeking websites or searching for jobs on The Student Room website are being contacted by bogus recruitment companies/businesses asking them to complete application and interview forms which request personal details and banking details, as well as copies of identity documents.

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   Beaumont Parish Hall Bonfire Night 2017    6 November, 2017

A big thank you to all those who supported this year's Bonfire Night celebrations, especially the Beaumont Halloweeners who raised £40.85 towards the fireworks.

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   How to deal with Phisfhing scams    28 October, 2017

Phishing scams: Fraudsters create authentic looking emails purporting to come from genuine companies or even someone you know, in order to try to defraud you. The emails are designed to infect you devises with malicious software (malware), or to steal sensitive information such as you financial information or your passwords.

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   Volunteers required in Cumbria Constabulary    27 October, 2017

Cumbria Constabulary are currently seeking to recruit volunteers in two areas of business,  Safer Neighbourhoods Rural Support and Positive Action volunteers.

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   Modelling Jobs Advanced Fee Fraud Alert    22 October, 2017

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed that Fraudsters have been setting up fake adverts on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) and job browsing websites to dupe people into believing they are recruiting for prospective models.

Once victims show interest in the job, the fraudsters contact potential victims on the false promise of a modelling career and subsequently advise the victims to come in for a test shoot.

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   National Burn Awareness Day     18 October, 2017

The Children’s Burns Trust (CBT) is running its third National Burn Awareness Day today.The Day aims to reduce the number of burns and scalds occurring each year. 

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   Candle Fire Safety Week: Snuff out the fire risk    16 October, 2017

As part of the Fire Kills campaign, Fire & Rescue services across the country are asking people to take care this Candle Fire Safety Week (16-22 October) and snuff out the risk of fire in their homes.


With winter fast approaching, a few candles scattered round the room can lend a warm glow to an evening in or add some festive cheer to the season’s celebrations such as Guy Fawkes’ night and Christmas.

But with candle fires resulting in over 300 casualties each year, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service is asking people to take extra care with candles this winter – more than one in three of all reported accidental fires in the home started by candles result in a death or injury. 


The most important step you can take to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is to ensure your home has working smoke alarms. To prevent candle fires from starting in your home, you should make sure your candles are kept away from flammable materials like curtains and ensure candles are put out when you leave the room, even for a moment.


 Mark Ducie, Station Manager - Prevention said:


“Candles are a typical sight in many homes, scenting our rooms and giving an atmospheric glow to cold winter nights. But it’s important to remember that a candle is not just a decorative feature. Left unattended, an open flame scenting your home could leave a trail of devastation".


“Place your lit candles with extra care, away from curtains, pets and children and always remember to put them out when you leave the room, even for a moment".


“Even with these precautions it’s vital to be prepared should the worst happen. Working smoke alarms can give you the vital time you need to get out, stay out and call 999. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by testing your alarm regularly and by practising your escape routes".


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   Home Fire Safety Week    5 October, 2017

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service supports Home Fire Safety Week from 2nd to the 8th October and will be focussing on domestic appliances. 


The week will focus on encouraging people to make sure their home appliances are as safe as possible by ensuring they are registered, maintained and run appropriately. The message is also being underpinned with safety advice on smoke alarms and escape routes.   


Station Manager Mark Ducie of the Service's Prevention department explained that Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service strives to reduce all domestic fires to the minimum. This is being achieved by constant education in relation fire safety messages to its communities via education and social media.

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   Want to become a volunteer withAge Concern?    3 October, 2017

Age Concern provide a wide variety of services including:

  • Day services
  • Lunch clubs
  • Winter Warmth fund
  • Community Home Support
  • Information and Advice
  • Independent Living Support
  • Advocacy
  • Befriending

If you have considered volunteering, please ask for details.

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   Have you heard of the Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust ( CVCT)?    29 September, 2017

Did you know there is a Trust dedicated to providing financial help for victims of crime? CVCT exists to support initiatives to assist victims of crime to cope and recover from their experience, and to prevent victims being targeted and or repeat victims of crime. 

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   Fire Door Safety Week    26 September, 2017

Fire doors are often the first line of defence in a fire. Their correct specification, maintenance and management can be the difference between life and death for building occupants. 


Despite this, fire door breaches remain one of the most common fines implemented under the Fire Safety Order, with common problems ranging from doors being wedged open, missing or damaged doors or even non fire doors being installed in their place.

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   Alert: Project EDWARD - European Day Without A Road Death    21 September, 2017

Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service will be supporting the Project EDWARD road safety day on Thursday 21st September - European Day Without A Road Death.
For more details please follow the link and make your pledge:

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   Gas Safety Week: 18-24 September 2017    18 September, 2017

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service pledges its support for the seventh annual Gas Safety Week in 2017.


Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service has pledged its support for Gas Safety Week (18-24 September 2017) and will be raising awareness of gas safety and urge the public to keep themselves safe from dangerous gas appliances.


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   Beaumont Parish Hall Wildlife Area Community volunteer day    16 September, 2017

Do you want to increase your knowledge about our native wildflowers and help create the new wildlife area in Beaumont Parish Hall grounds?

Then come along to our volunteer day on Saturday 16th September 2017 from 1.00pm onwards.

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   Cyber Crime - Training days    7 September, 2017

If you are interested in training please contact the persons at the end of the article to inform them of your attendance.

This training is intended for anyone who has family, colleagues, services users, businesses or volunteer groups that they could help to keep safe from online or phone based fraud, bullying, harassment and exploitation. Available on each of the below dates are 2 training sessions lasting 3 hours; tea and coffee will be provided.

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   Get Sweeping for Chimney Fire Safety Week    4 September, 2017

Chimney fires in England accounted for over 4,200 incidents dealt with by fire and rescue services between April 2015 and March 2016. This year’s Chimney Fire Safety Week (4th – 10th September), part of the Government’s Fire Kills campaign, calls for homeowners to clean up their act and get their chimneys swept by an approved sweep to prevent chimney damage, and, in worse cases, household fires.

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   One of our wheelie bins is missing!    3 September, 2017

One of the wheelie bins behind Beaumont Parish Hall was removed. Read more below!

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   Reports of sheep worrying in the area    29 August, 2017

Recent reports of sheep worrying in the Gilsland & Low Row on August 24th and 28th.

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   Theft of a breeding ram    23 August, 2017

A theft of a breeding ram occurred on 21st August 2017. Beware! If you notice anything suspicious contact the police on 101.

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   AGM of Cumbria Neighbourhood Watch nnounced    19 August, 2017

A Date For Your Diary Saturday The 14Th Of October 2017

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   Enough Fire Alarms?    7 August, 2017

A message fro Cumbria Fire aqnd Rescue Service

 Do You Have Enough Smoke Alarms?


Smoke alarms are the key message of this campaign by Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) – having them and regularly testing them. We know that encouraging people to test their smoke alarms also acts as a reminder for people to buy new – or more – smoke alarms or contact Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service to request a Safe & Well visit.

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   View Accounts for Beaumont Parish Council for the year ending 31. March 2017    17 July, 2017

Year ending accounts for Beaumont Parish Council for year ending 31 March 2017 can now be viewed.

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   .Fraudulent selling of pets on online auction sites    5 July, 2017

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) and Action Fraud have recently noticed a rise in the reporting of pets, and in particular puppies and kittens, being advertised for sale via popular online auction websites. The fraudsters will place an advert of the pet for sale, often claiming that the pet is currently held somewhere less accessible or overseas. Upon agreement of a sale, the suspect will usually request an advance payment by money transfer or bank transfer. However, the pet does not materialise and the fraudster will subsequently ask for further advanced payments for courier charges, shipping fees and additional transportation costs. Even if further payments are made, the pet will still not materialise as it is likely to not exist.

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   Are you prepared for an emergency?    3 July, 2017

Families and communities better cope with emergencies if they prepared in advance and work together as a team. Cumbria County Council together with ACTion for Cumbria have prepared a leaflet to help you prepare.

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   Cook safely from Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service    29 June, 2017

The first of July sees Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service and Community Fire Safety covering the Cooking Safely theme; sending out a general cooking safely message to all its community.

Did you know?

  • Nearly half of all fires in the home nationally are caused by cooking accidents.
  • Faulty electrics (appliances, wiring and overloaded sockets) cause in the region of 7,000 house fires nationally every year.
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   Vacancy of the position of Clerk to Beaumont Parish Council    29 June, 2017

Due to the retirement of the present postholder, Beaumont Parish Council wish to appoint a Clerk.

If you are interested in applying, you are invited to contact Jim Johnson on 01228 576337 or by email to jim2johnson@btinternet.com for an initial discussion.

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   Heartstart session at Carlisle West Fire Station    28 June, 2017

Each year in the UK there are 60,000 cardiac arrests (BHF 2014); including 12 children every week; these are sudden, sometimes with no prior warning. The survival rate in the UK currently is around 5%. It is so low due to the lack of defibrillator provision and lack of knowledge surrounding basic life support, however Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) and Cumbria County Council (CCC) is making an impact on the above by delivering education and knowledge.

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   Alert: National Neighbourhood Watch Week June 17th -25th    15 June, 2017

We're Neighbourhood Watch - the largest grassroots crime prevention movement in England and Wales.
We're celebrating National Neighbourhood Watch Week (June 17-25) with a bumper edition of our bi-monthly e-newsletter Our News.

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   Alert: Fraudsters advertising vehicles and machinery    13 June, 2017

Fraudsters have been advertising vehicles and machinery for sale on various selling platforms online. The victims, after communicating via email with the fraudster, will receive a bogus email which purports to be from an established escrow provider (a third party who will keep the payment until the buying and selling parties are both happy with the deal).

[+ read more...]

   A message of thanks from Margaret McKenna    10 June, 2017

A message of thanks has been received by the Parish Council from Margaret Mckenna who was until recently the Clerk to the Parisg Council.

[+ read more...]

   Heartstart session at Carlisle West Fire Station     8 June, 2017

Each year in the UK there are 60,000 cardiac arrests (BHF 2014); including 12 children every week; these are sudden, sometimes with no prior warning. The survival rate in the UK currently is around 5%. It is so low due to the lack of defibrillator provision and lack of knowledge surrounding basic life support, however Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) and Cumbria County Council (CCC) is making an impact on the above by delivering education and knowledge.

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   Potential fraud in the upcoming "Wedding season"     6 June, 2017

With the upcoming “Wedding Season”, and for those individuals who are considering making plans for next year and beyond, you should be aware of the potential risks of fraud involved. 
According to ‘bridesmagazine.co.uk’, in 2017 the average wedding cost spend is approximately £30,111.  This will be paid out to multiple vendors, including; photographers, caterers, reception venues and travel companies, to name a few.  Many of these services will require booking at least several months in advance and you may be obliged to pay a deposit or even the full balance at the time.  

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   Anti-social behaviour fire setting in Carlisle    31 May, 2017

There have been several incidents in the Carlisle area associated with anti-social behaviour fire setting during May.

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During the national Fire Kills Campaign’s Boat Fire Safety Week, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service firefighters will be taking the message to boaters – No more fire and carbon monoxide (CO) deaths.

Fire crews will be visiting boat owners in Cumbria, handing out Fire Safety on Boats and Carbon Monoxide Safety on Boats leaflets to help crew members know the risks and how to protect themselves.

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   Smishing Fraud Alert     27 May, 2017

Smishing – the term used for SMS phishing – is an activity which enables criminals to steal victims’ money or identity, or both, as a result of a response to a text message. Smishing uses your mobile phone (either a smartphone or traditional non-internet connected handset) to manipulate innocent people into taking various actions which can lead to being defrauded.

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   National threat level increased - public safety remains our priority    24 May, 2017

Cumbria Constabulary, alongside all forces nationally, is supporting Op Temperer.

Operation Temperer is the mobilisation plan for military support to the police service following a major terrorist attack.

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   First reports of Tech-Support Scammers claiming to be from Microsoft    24 May, 2017

Be aware, Action Fraud has received the first reports of Tech-Support scammers claiming to be from Microsoft who are taking advantage of the global WannaCry ransomware attack.

One victim fell for the scam after calling a ‘help’ number advertised on a pop up window. The window which wouldn’t close said the victim had been affected by WannaCry Ransomware.

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   Heartstart session at Carlisle West Fire Station    23 May, 2017

Each year in the UK there are 60,000 cardiac arrests (BHF 2014); including 12 children every week; these are sudden, sometimes with no prior warning. The survival rate in the UK currently is around 5%. It is so low due to the lack of defibrillator provision and lack of knowledge surrounding basic life support, however Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service (CFRS) and Cumbria County Council (CCC) is making an impact on the above by delivering education and knowledge.

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   New kerbside recycling collections from 12th June     22 May, 2017

Carlisle City Council have announced the new recycling proceedure including change to collection days and to items that are to be recycled.

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   Know someone who has dementia or who cares for someone with dementia?    18 May, 2017

Cumbria Constabulary is improving the way itself and partners go about finding vulnerable adults who have gone missing.
The constabulary is adopting a risk-reduction tool already being used successfully by a number of other police forces in country which, where adopted, will significantly increase the likelihood of missing people being swiftly found safe and well.

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   Investigating damage to four vehicles in Broad Street, Carlisle    18 May, 2017

We are - the vehicles having had their car wing mirrors kicked off.

The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning on 13/05/2017 at around 04:15 - 04:30 hours.

The only description we have available is of a tall male, dark coloured hair and wearing a dark coloured jumper.

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   Fire Kills Campaign Makes Itself Heard this Deaf Awareness Week (15-21 May 2017)    15 May, 2017
Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service reaches out to deaf and hard of hearing communities during Deaf Awareness Week (15-21 May) to ensure they have effective smoke alarms.

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   Ransomware cyber attack     15 May, 2017

Following the ransomware cyber attack on Friday 12 May which affected the NHS and is believed to have affected other organisations globally, the City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has issued an alert urging both individuals and businesses to follow protection advice immediately and in the coming days.

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   Beaumont Parish Hall Curry and Quiz Night    14 May, 2017

The Curry and Quiz Night at Beaumont Parish Hall held ion May was a great success.

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   Fund raising event for Fire Fighters Charity in Carlisle on Tuesday 23rd May    12 May, 2017

Our Regular Recruits are participating in a fund raising event for the Fire Fighters Charity at the Old Fire Station, Rickergate, Carlisle at 2pm on Tuesday 23rd May.

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   Fraudsters target tourists    5 May, 2017

Fraudsters approach victims and then bogus police officers search belongings and pickpocket valuables.

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   How a Spring Clean could save your life    2 May, 2017

It may be the last month of spring, but there’s still time to squeeze in a final spring clean. As part of the Fire Kills campaign, Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service is asking people to clear the clutter that may be blocking escape routes and to make sure their family, guests and loved ones know how to get out, stay out, and call 999 in the event of a fire.
Working smoke alarms are regularly the heroes in a fire, giving people the warning they need to get out of their home in the event of a fire. But blocked exits, locked doors or unfamiliar surroundings can shave vital seconds from their escape time. .

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   Parish Defibrillators    2 May, 2017

Beaumont Parish Council wish to thank those residents who took the time to send support for defibrillators in the Parish. However, only 28 messages of support out of a possible 400+ residents were received. The Parish Council feel that there is not enough interest to merit pursuing this matter further.

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   Wonga data breach    29 April, 2017

Wonga has confirmed a data breach where up to 250,000 accounts have been compromised. The incident is now being investigated by the police and has been reported to the Financial Conduct Authority. Wonga has updated their website with further information and confirmed that they are contacting all those affected and are taking steps to protect them, but there are also some things you can do to keep your information secure.

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   Dementia Friends session at Penrith Community Fire Station    25 April, 2017
There are currently 850,000 people living with dementia in the UK and 45,000 are under the age of 65. These numbers are set to rise to a staggering 1,000,000 by 2025. It is therefore vitally important for organisations to consider the role they can play to support their staff and customers who are affected by dementia. Research indicates that this will be beneficial to the organisation for a number of reasons - most notably that staff will be able to perform to their maximum potential for longer. Employers are not only doing the right thing, but they are ensuring their organisation is more productive.

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The nursing and fundraising together to: Valley Court, Barras Lane, Dalston, Carlisle CA5 7NY.

Phones remain the same: Nursing 01228 603208 Fundraising 01768 210719.

Thank you for your continued support.


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   Marie Curie Collection    30 March, 2017

£94 was donated by parishioners in Grinsdale to this appeal. Thank you for your support.

Margaret McKenna.

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   Pancake Day event at Monkhill Chapel     29 March, 2017

Many thanks to all those who supported the pancake day event on Saturday 25th February. £230 was rasied in support of the North Cumbria Methodist Circuit Project for 2016/2017: Toilet Twinning; A Tearfund Initiative to improve the dignity and health of some of the poorest people in the world by buildong latrines and school toilet blocks as well as providing the necessary hygieine information. Thak you!

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   Christian |Aid Week    23 March, 2017
Christian Aid week 14th-20th May. Envelopes delivered with your parish magazine can be returned to your magazine distributor, St. Mary's Church, Beaumont or to Mrs M. McKenna, The Hollies, Grinsdale.
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   Poppy Appeaf 2016    22 January, 2017

Thank you to all who contributed to the appeal in Beaumont. £82.09 was collected. Rona Salkeld

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   Wanted 3 bedroom house    28 December, 2016

DESCRIPTION: Professional, working couple with one child looking to rent in the Beaumont, Grinsdale, Hosket Hill, Kirkandrews on Eden and Monkhill areas. Both adults able and happy to provide full references.  Looking for a 3-bedroom property. Genuine, not time wasting.

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   Autumn Craft Fair    17 November, 2016

Beaumont Parish Hall's held its annual Autumn Craft Fair in November.

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   Beaumont Parish Hall Bonfire Night     5 November, 2016

Beaumont Parish Hall celebrated BONFIRE NIGHT on Saturday the 5th November. A big thank you to the 200+ who enjoyed this years successful bonfire night celebrations, with a special thank you to the Beaumont Halloweeners who raised £31 towards the firework display, Harrington's at Hosket Hill for donating the potatoes and also Judy Gopsill for being the first aider.

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   New Facebook page created by Beaumont Parish Hall    29 October, 2016

Beaumont Parish Hall have now created a Facebook page. To view the page search for Beaumont Parish Hall Cumbria to view events, or you can post your comments or pictures.

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   NHS Chatty Van near you     28 October, 2016

Healthwatch Cumbria (HWC) is delighted to report that the “Chatty Van” will be visiting a town/ space somewhere near you this November to help raise awareness of, distribute and support people to respond to the NHS consultation document, “The Future of Healthcare in West, North and East Cumbria.

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   National Grid North West Connections Project Consultations    27 October, 2016

The latest options for the route of the new National Grid North West Connections between Moorside and Harker in Carlisle has been issued.

Variois consulation meetings are being held in the region between 28th October 2016 and 6th Januray 2017.

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   Healthcare for the future Newsletter from NHS Cumbria    11 October, 2016

From Sir Neil Mckay Welcome to the first edition of our regular electronic newsletter for local stakeholders and members of the public who wish to be kept informed about the Healthcare for the Future public consultation.

The consultation, which was launched in West, North and East Cumbria on 26th September, covers a number of possible service changes including changes to maternity services, children’s services, community hospital inpatient beds, emergency and acute care and stroke services. It also covers some recent temporary changes in emergency surgery, trauma and orthopaedic services.

When I launched the consultation, with colleagues from all parts of the local NHS, I said the health and social care system in this part of the country faces a number of major challenges including difficulty in attracting doctors, nurses, paramedics and other staff to live and work in Cumbria, hospital stays that are longer than they need to be, hospital admissions that are unnecessary, a significant NHS overspend and some services which are described by the Care Quality Commission as being either inadequate or in need of improvement.

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   "WORLD'S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING" in aid of McMillan Cancer Support     2 October, 2016

In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. "WORLD'S BIGGEST COFFEE MORNING" took place on Friday 30th September from 10.30am -12 noon at Beaumont Parish Hall. Coffee and and a variety of cakes were served.

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   NHS in West, North and East Cumbria launch a public consultation    26 September, 2016

As you will be aware the NHS in West, North and East Cumbria has launched a public consultation on possible changes to health services in this area. The consultation was launched on Monday 26th September. The consultation will last until just before Christmas 2016 so there will be plenty of time for everybody to express their views on the various alternative options.

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   North West COASTAL ACCESS Gretna to Allonby Consultation.     19 September, 2016

The proposed route of the North West Coastal access path passes through our parish. The aim is to establish a continuous walking route around England’s coastline. A map showing the route through our parish can be viewed in the Supper Room at Monkhill Chapel which is open daily between 8.00am and 7.00pm.

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The Carlisle Educational Charity aims to promote the further education of young people under the age of 25 within the Carlisle District area (this does not include students attending sixth form).  This is achieved by making financial grants to some young people.

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   Latest website report    1 September, 2016

The latest website report details the numbers of websites users, hits, usuage etc. has been issued.

Since being set up in March 2014 there has been an upward trend of number of people visiting the website wtih an average of 400 users per month.

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Beaumont Parish Hall Management Committee have been considering a solution to the old tennis courts that are situated in the hall grounds, which since they stopped being used, have deteriorated to a poor state and become an eyesore.

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   Mobile Library Route 9 service in the Parish withdrawn    8 August, 2016

The Council had to withdraw the service earlier this year due to the high running costs.

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   Beaumont Parish Hall Monthly Coffee Morning    8 July, 2016

Beaumont Parish Hall holds a monthly coffee morning on the 2nd Friday of each month from 10.00 am -12 noon, the next will be on Friday 12th August. It is a chance to meet and chat with fellow parishioners. Walkers and dogs are welcome. Tea, coffee and cakes will be available. Proceeds will be in aid of the Parish Hall together with another charity. If you have a charity you would wish to nominate contact one of the Parish Hall committee members.

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   New video page for the website    30 June, 2016

We have added a NEW videos page showing videos of events and people aroung the parish. To view the videos click here.

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   The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations at Beaumont Parish Hall    12 June, 2016

The Parish celebrated The Queen’s 90th Birthday on Sunday 12th June  with a bring and share picnic lunch at Beaumont Parish Hall followed by family fun and games including face painting, a treasure hunt, Royal fancy dress, races and games, Balloon Race, Pet show and much more.

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   The Pound, Kirkandrews - Progress report    26 May, 2016

The Parish Council are currenlty seeking external funding to develope the Pound in Kirkandrews as a picnic area with benches, trees and an information board.

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   Possible new constitution for Beaumont Parish Hall    28 April, 2016

Beaumont Parish Hall Management Committee have made a decision to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.
It will make no difference to the way the hall is run and it will be run by the same Trustees.
It will however absolve the Trustees from personal financial responsibility, as we move towards the re structure and future of the Hall.

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   Defibrillator in the parish    7 April, 2016
Beaumont Parish Council is considering the possible adoption of the phone box in Kirkandrews on Eden to house a defibrillator. 
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   Portaloo arrives at Beaumont Parish Hall    5 April, 2016

A portable WC has now been sited at Beaumont Parish Hall for the use of visitors to Hadrian's Wall Path.

Residents of the parish, in their replies to the Parish Plan questionnaire, requested that there should be more toilet facilities for both residents and visitors to the area.  In response, Beaumont Parish Council together with our Cumbria County Councillor, Trevor Allison, have funded this amenity. 

It is planned that the portable toilet will be is place from the beginning of April until the end of the first week in October.  

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   Latest Connecting Cumbria newsletter    1 April, 2016

The latest newsletter from Cumbria County Council highlighting the current developements with the digital rollout to Cumbrian communities has been issued. Click here for further details.

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   2016 AGM and April PC meeting agenda now issued.    29 March, 2016

2016 AGM and April PC meeting agenda now issued. Click here to view.

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   2016 PC meeting minutes for February now issued    28 March, 2016

The 2016 PC meeting minutes for February now issued. Click here to view.

[+ read more...]

   2015 AGM minutes now issued    27 March, 2016

The 2015 AGM minutes are now available. Click here to view.

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   Carlsile NHS progress report    23 March, 2016

Below is the link to the North Cumbria Success Regime The progress report and the Key facts and figures document can be reached from this page We should circulate to both Allerdale and Copeland parishes as well as Carlisle and Eden as all these districts will be affected by decisions taken especially concerning the two district hospitals


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   Beaumont Parish Council grasscutting tenders now closed    18 March, 2016

BEAUMONT PARISH COUNCIL Tenders are now closed for the grasscutting of the Pound in Kirkandrews on Eden and the Field at Beaumont Parish Hall for the 2016 season (April to October). For details contact Parish Clerk on 01228 529538 or email beaumontpc@carlisle.gov.uk.

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   Poppy Appeal 2015    7 March, 2016

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to the 2015 poppy Appeal.

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   The Healthwatch Cumbria ?Chatty Van? February 2016    12 February, 2016

Healthwatch Cumbria (HWC) is delighted to present a new style of engagement through our “Healthwatch Cumbria Chatty Van”. This HWC branded vehicle will help us to take listening events to communities rather than expect people to come to halls and town centers to reach us.

Over the next 8 weeks the “Chatty Van” has a busy schedule across West, North and East Cumbria as it seeks the views of the public to inform the thinking of the Success Regime.  A short survey will be used to encourage people to think about how their health and care services should look like in the future. HWC staff will be on the van to support people to respond to the questions using ipad’s ensuring that answers can be quickly processed and fed directly into the groups charged with shaping options.

Healthwatch Cumbria is committed to ensuring that the views that people share with us are fed into the groups that are responsible for developing a range of options for clinical services such as maternity, children’s and community services.

As more information about the current thinking becomes available from the NHS we will ensure that we discuss this with members of the public helping people to understand any potential options and share their views.

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   Hospice at Home present "Tea Gowns and Teatime"    26 January, 2016

A terrible tempting talk set in the thirties - A decade of streamlining, speed and style. Presented by Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakes together with "The History Wardrobe".

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   Latest newsleter is issued from our local police station at Dalston    23 January, 2016

Latest newsleter is issued from our local police station at Dalston

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   Solway Flower Club programme for 2016 is issued    22 January, 2016

The Solway Flower Club webpage is revamped and the 2016 programme of events is issued.

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   Beaumont PC January minutes now added to the website    20 January, 2016

The draft minutes of Beaumont PC's January meeting have been added to the website. To view the minutes go to the PC meeting page.

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   Report for the January meeting of the Solway Flower Club issued    18 January, 2016

Report for the January meeting of the Solway Flower Club issued.

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   1887 pamphlet by The Rev. T Owen Sturkey added to website    15 January, 2016

Transcript of a 1887 pamphlet written by The Rev. T Owen Sturkey MA., the then Rector, entiltled "History of the United Parishes of Kirkandrews on Eden with Beaumont."

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   Kirkandrews on Eden Communion vessel details transcribed    14 January, 2016

Details of the Kirkandrews on Eden Communion vessels transcribed for the website. Go to the Local History Page for details.

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   Scan of a pre-1947 map of Kirkandrews on Eden showing the Glebe field now the site of Beaumont Parish Hall    11 January, 2016

Scan of a pre-1947 map of Kirkandrews on Eden showing the Glebe field now the site of Beaumont Parish Hall. To view the scan visit the Local History Page.

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   December 2015 FLOOD Recovery Fund - Grants avalable    23 December, 2015

DECEMBER 2015 FLOOD RECOVERY FUND Grants may be made for charitable purposes to relieve hardship in Cumbria caused directly or indirectly by the storm and flooding in December 2015.

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   Photograph of a donation to Carlisle Eden Mind by the Solway Flower Club.    14 December, 2015

Photograph of a donation to Carlisle Eden Mind by the Solway Flower Club. Go to the Solway Flower Page to view the photograph.

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   2015 December Floods - Photographs around Beaumont and Kirkandrews    6 December, 2015

2015 December Floods - Photographs around Beaumont and Kirkandrews.

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   Revised prices for the hire of Beaumont Parish Hall    1 December, 2015

BEAUMONT PARISH HALL you can now hire the hall for short sessions at a cost of £15 FOR A TWO HOUR SESSION.

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   Latest alerts from Cumbria Fire & Rescue, Cumbria Police, Neighbourhood Watch and Farm Watch    1 December, 2015

Latest alerts from Cumbria Fire & Rescue, Cumbria Police and Neighbourhood Watch: Talk Talk cyber attack, Council Tax Banding Scams, Pension Scams.

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   Superfast broadband in Beaumont    1 October, 2015

We have been informed that the green superfast braodband BT box installed in Monkhill is now "live". Welcome superfast broadband to Monkhill and Beaumont villages.

Follow the link to see when the roll-out of superfast broadband will be in your area. www.connectingcumbria.org.uk/when-and-where 

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   Consultation of new pylon route from Seascale to Carlisle reaches half way point    1 July, 2015

North West Coast Connections (NWCC) project National Grid has launched a 12 week public consultation on the emerging routeing options for the NWCC project, the route of new pylons that will run from Seascale to Harker north of Carlisle. The consultation period ends on 28th November.

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   The Pound's long term future     23 April, 2015

In the Parish Plan the future of The Pound was brought up as an issue. Most residents wish to retain the Pound under council ownership but there was no clear use suggested.

In view of this the parish council are trying to decide on the Pound's future. A sub-committee is to be set up to deal with the issue. A second meeting to arrasnge the contents of the notice board is to be held on Thursday 21st May at 2.30 pm at the Drover's Rest.

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   Talk on the 2005 Carlisle Floods at The Drover's Rest    1 March, 2015

A talk is to be given aboiut the effect of the 2005 floods in Carlisle and the surroundoing villages.

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   Cumbria County Council's Cabinet agree and launch the Councils Public Budget Consultation 'Securing our Future'    20 January, 2015

Cumbria County Council launched a consultation in November regarding its proposal that over the next three years the council is likely to lose a further 1,800 jobs in an effort to save £83 million by 2018.

The consultation period ends on 20th January.

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   Excerpt from the Liberal Democrats December/January Focus edition regarding library facilities.    15 January, 2015

There are only three mobile library vans remaining to cover the whole county and the County Council will not replace them when they reach the end of their service life.

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   Superfast Broadband for Cumbria    8 December, 2014

CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL CONSULTATION regarding their second stage procurement of SUPERFAST BRAODBAND across Cumbria. To have your say, visit www.connectingcumbria.org.uk.


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   New Information board at Beaumont Green installed    9 November, 2014

The new information board on Beaumont Green is finally in place. It shows some of the history of Beaumont village. The PC would like to thank all those who have given their time to the creation and installation of this board.

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   Beaumont Parish Hall Autumn Fare on November 8th    8 November, 2014

Free admission to to local craft stalls at the Parish Hall who will show their wares at the Autumn Fare wfich is due to be open from 10 am - 4 pm on Saturday 8th November. Tea and coffee will be served with scones or mince pies. Raffle.

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   Library Afternoon at The Drover's Rest on Thursdays    6 November, 2014

Library Afternoon Thursdays at The Drover's Rest from 2 - 5 pm.

A variety of books will be available to browse and loan for adults and children with reading of stories at 4pm.

A selection of books can also be borrowed at other times, just ask one of the staff at The Drover's Rest to view them.


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   Annual Bonfire Night Celebrations on November 5th    5 November, 2014

The Beaumont Parish Hall Annual Bonfire Night Celebrations will be held at Beaumont Parish Hall on Wednesday 5th November. Bonfire to be lit at 7 pm. Come along and join in this great local event.

Go to the gallery page and search the Beaumont Parish Hall Events to view photographs of the celebration.

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   Volunteers wanted! Is it time you gave yourself a new challenge?    1 November, 2014

Age UK, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and Cumbria Law Centre working in partnership across Carlisle and Eden to provide information and advice to people across Carlisle and Eden Districts.  We need more volunteers to help us increase access to information and advice on a wide range of topics from benefits and debt to employment.

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   Coffee Morning for Hospice at Home    1 November, 2014

You are invited to a coffee morning which is due to be held at Monkhill Methodist Chapel on Saturday 1st November from 10 am - 12 noon. In aid of Hospice at Home, Carlisle and North Lakeland.

2.11.14: The Coffee Morning raised £662.05 Thank you to all who contributed to and supported the event.

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   Brush up on the Highway Code for free    31 October, 2014

Practice the Highway Code for free for cars, cycles, lorries and motorbikes.

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   Auction of Promises raises over ?4000. It was held at Beaumont Parish Hall on October 17th    17 October, 2014

Beaumont Parish Hall presented an AUCTION OF PROMISES at Beaumont Parish Hall starting at 7.30 pm on Friday 17th October. The Auction raised over £4000 on the night.

The Parish Hall Committee wish to thank all those whose provided promises, attended the evening and bit for the promises.

A licensed bar provided by the Drover's Rest.

Proceeds in aid of Eden Valley Children's Hospice and Beaumont Parish Hall.

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   Worth another look" an "Antiques Roadshow" event at Beaumont parish Hall September 19th    19 September, 2014

“Worth Another Look” on Friday 19th September 2014 at 7pm.

Bring along your family heirlooms and items of interest for appraisal by

Thomson, Roddick and Medcalf, Auctioneers and Valuers.

Tickets £5.00 per person including 1 item assessment, glass of wine (or soft drink) and nibbles.

Further assessments at £1.00 per item if time allows.

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   Beaumont Parish Bi-annual Flower, Craft & Produce Show 2014    6 September, 2014

This years  Bi-annual Flower, Craft & Produce Show will take place on Saturday 6th September at Beaumont Parish Hall.

Entries are welcome from all who receive the Parish Magazine.

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   Commemoration of the First World War    7 August, 2014

2014 is the centenary of the start of the First World War. The Parish Council are planning to commemorate the Great War by collecting local information from the people of Beaumont Parish.

Details of those who served and were killed in the World Wars can now be found on the website pages. See below for further details.

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   Library drop off at The Drover's Rest - rejected    31 July, 2014

Following a the submission of the library link petition, the initial request for a library drop oss at the Drover's Rest has been rejected.

A further meeting is being arranged with Library Services to discuss the possibily of them offering an alternative book related service at the Drover's Rest.

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   Decision made about proposed movement of Monkhill's speed limit signs     21 July, 2014

Following the consultation by the County Council in response to concerns from residents of the parish about excessive speeding in Monkhill, the Highways Department have decided to keep the signs in their present location.

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   New KOE Notice board delivered and installed    7 July, 2014

The new notice board has been delivered and is now in place at KOE.

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   Fridge Magnets issued to Beaumont Parish Residents    1 June, 2014

The Beaumont Parish Council Fridge Magnet issued to local residents.

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   Welcome pack to be issued to new householders     19 May, 2014

During the May meeting, parish councillors agreed to distribute a "welcome pack" to new householders arriving into the parish.

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   Parish Walks added to website    2 May, 2014

New Local walks have been added to the website.

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   Summer Play Scheme    9 April, 2014

The Beaumont Parish Play Scheme will run 6 days during the end of July and start of August.

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   Start of Zumba Gold Dance Group for over 55's    7 April, 2014

A Zumba Dance Group for over 55's is due to commence on April 7th for the over 55's at Monkhill Chapel School Room.

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   Parish Council Welcomes Julie Irving as new councillor    7 April, 2014

Beaumont Parish Council would like to welcome Mrs Julie Irving as a new member.

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   Tennis courts at Beaumont Parish Hall    7 April, 2014

The current tennis courts at Beaumont Parish Hall are no longer fit for use. The Parish Council together with the Beaumont Parish Hall Committee have set up a project to see the options for the site.

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   Friends of St Mary's Church, Beaumont    7 April, 2014

Mr Johnson reported at the April PC meeting that there is a need for better links between the community and the church. The heritage and history of the parish are tied up in the church. There is a need to look after the assets; the building is not just for the congregation attending but for the community; the graveyard is open to all denominations; we need to build church into the community; it is open every day with lots of visitors.

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   Hadrian's Wall    7 April, 2014

The chairman attended a stakeholder’s meeting at Hexham run by the Institute of Applied Archaeology, UCL,  to consider the future of this monument.

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   Bus Service 71/93 Carlisle to Bowness subsidy under treat    7 April, 2014

The Carlisle - Bowness route 71/93 bus service subsidy is under treat.

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   A meaasge from Trevor Allison our County Councillor     10 March, 2014

A message from our County Councillor on the lauch of the new Beaumont Parish Council Website


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   New Beaumont Parish Council website launched    30 January, 2014

The new Beaumont Parish Council website has been launched.

The Parish Council would like to express their thanks to Phil Roland and Albinas Stasaitis who helped set up the website.

The new website includes lots of information about the Parish Council and the local area. Read on to find out more...

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   Beaumont Parish Council Website goes live to the public    1 March, 2004

The Beaumont Parish Council welcome the news that the Parsih Council Website goes live on March 1st.

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   This week is Business Continuity Awareness Week.    30 November, -0001

Business continuity is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations, so your organisation can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. This is an annual global event that aims to raise the value of effective business continuity in organisations of all types and sizes. Whether it’s a flood, cyber-attack, supply chain failure or losing your utility supplies if you’re a business, public sector organisation, charity or community group you need to know how you can keep going during a disruption.

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   Watch Out For These Fake Texts About Your Ee Bill    30 November, -0001
These fake text messages purport to be from EE and claim that you haven’t paid a bill. The link in the message leads to a phishing website designed to steal your EE account login details, as well as personal & financial information.
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   ALERT - Fake TV licence email scam     30 November, -0001

Action Fraud has received more than 5,000 reports about fake emails and texts purporting to be from TV Licensing. The messages contain links to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information. 

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